color bold MAGazine

senior Capstone project

For my senior Capstone project, I chose to tackle the issue of disproportionate representation of minority women within print and online media by creating my own small-scale magazine. The “Color Bold” Magazine is centered around the idea that embracing the importance of race, ethnicity, and culture is the best way to promote inclusivity. The magazine features four different young women of color and their unique stories. As a Puerto Rican woman raised in Texas, this project has an incredibly special place in my heart. I appreciate everyone who contributed to the production of this magazine, as well as those who have taken the time to read it. I hope you all love it as much as I do – muchísimas gracias!


Stephanie Alleva-Cornell: Editorial design, graphic design, digital illustrations, written work, photography (limited)

Interviewees: Roxanne Padilla, Asiah Muhammad, Zainab Hameed, Stephania Zorrilla

Photo contributions: Monica Reyes Photography (pg. 1, 7, 8) Keadra Jeter (pg. 5)


Capstone Research Paper

Color Bold: Representation of Women of Color in Print and Online Media

Abstract: “The purpose of this paper and project is to highlight how U.S. print and online media outlets lack representation of women of color. The literary review examines the underlying reasons behind media representation issues by exploring themes in academic discourse about immigration, culture, racism, and sexism. To support this research, the methodology of this paper included detailed interviews from four different women of color and the creation of a small-scale digital magazine that features each of their unique stories. The magazine was centered around the idea of being ‘color bold,’ which is defined as the concept of embracing the different races, ethnicities, and cultures in America instead of ignoring the significance these attributes hold.”